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-Sissy Adria

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Rules To Join My Sissy Bimbo Club


    Beginner Level    
    1) You must purchase makeup products & female clothing
2) You must practice your makeup at least twice a week in the privacy of your own home.

3) you must also dress up twice a week in the privacy of your own home.
4) You must practice your sissy voice 4 times a week.
5) Either buy some or steal your gf/wifes high heels and practice walking in them once a week.
6) For three entire days a week, you must pee while sitting down, for the whole day.
7) You will give yourself a girl name and refer to yourself as that while speaking with Me or making a blog post.

    Middle Level    
                             (Do all of the above plus additions below)
1) You must practice makeup 5 times a week, in the privacy of your home.
2) You must also dress up 5 times a week, in the privacy of your home.
3) Sissy voice must be practiced everyday, especially if not taking hormones.
4) Friday-Sunday you will wear high heels while at home alone.
5) You must pee while sitting down every single day.  Even at work, you must not use the stall to sit down and go pee.
6) Wear women's underwear to work daily, thongs at least twice a week. Because sissy bimbo's don't wear boxers or any type of male underwear.
7) You must keep your toenails and fingernails painted on the weekends.
8) Once a month, you will shave your entire body of hair (besides your head).
9) Start using females shampoo, deodorant, body wash, and conditioner several times a week.  On the weekends, you will use women's perfume. 
10) Over the weekends, practice sitting down with legs together and/or crossed.
11) For bed - you will either go naked, wear a woman's bra & undies, a night gown, or lingerie to bed; 5 nights a week. 
12) You will have your period once a month.  So this means you will purchase maxi pads and tampons.  The pad will go on your underwear in your dick area and you will shove the tampon up your ass.  For an added effect, you may add ketchup to your maxi paid.  (For sissy baby's a diaper and tampon will only be required).

Highest Level
                   (Do all of the above level plus additions below)
1) You must purchase hormone pills, to start growing tits.  Until then, you will stuff your bra.
2) You will read books on nail care, read/subscribe to women's magazines, and start reading sappy romantic novels. 
3) You must have colored nails at least several times a month.  However, at other times they must be well manicured and have a clear invisible gloss nail polish on them.
4) Makeup and dressing up will be daily.  You may have one day off a week for makeup, when relaxing in your home - but female clothing must be worn. 
4) All body hair must be removed (except head) at ALL times.  Start saving up money and plan a date for laser hair removal of your chest, legs, and arms. 
5) You will ALWAYS pee while sitting down. 
6) You will always sit with your legs together or crossed while sitting down.
7) Anytime you wear dress, you must wear heels too.
8) You will always use womens shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, and always wear women's perfume while going out or to work.
9) You will purchase a wig and start wearing it, until you can grow your hair out. Once your hair does grow out, you'll purchase a curling iron and hairspray so you can start doing your hair.  
10)  Mark on your calendar when your period is due, you will have it 7 days a month (use directions in middle level)
11) Get both ears pierced for earrings within 30 days.  Wear clip-ons in the meantime (also purchase other accessories: necklaces, bracelets, hair bands, etc.) 
12: Purchase fake glue on nails (can get them at walmart or any drug store).  Along with nail polish and a nail filer.
13) Whenever working out, you must always wear a woman's leotard.
14) Save up money, because you will eventually get surgery to become a full time woman.
15) The first few times you go out and shop for more female clothing, ask an employee for help, and make sure you specify the clothes are for you.
16) Save up money, because you will eventually get surgery to become a full time woman.
How to start getting others prepared for your lifestyle change.
Week 1: Wear women's underwear to work and out to shop/do errands & try to bend over so it sticks out of your pants/shorts, so others may see it.
Week 2: Wear women's perfume to work and out to shop/do errands daily.
Week 3: Wear women's sandals/flip flops to work and out to shop/do errands.  If you have a dress code, get fancy women's shoes.
Week 4: Add one of the following accessories to your outfit at work and out to shop/do errands: earrings, bracelets, necklace, or a hair band.
Week 5: Wear a woman's shirt to work and out to work/do errands.
Week 6: Paint your fingernails and toenails red or pink for the week.
Week 7: Start talking in a girly voice.
Week 8: Start wearing girls pants, skirts, and/or a dress.
Week 9: Do all of the above and include your wig into the outfit

Sub emailing Me how he now lives daily:
-Wear pantyhose only under long slacks, no panties
 -Keep toenails painted
 -Sleep in babydoll pajamas
 -Wear heels whenever in house alone
 -Keep pubes shaved clean
 -Sit to pee
 -Sissys are not allowed to jerk off like a man.  Which means no touching his clitty with his hand, sissys must learn to get off on their vibrators
 -Sissy shall refer to his cock as his clitty, his ass as his pussy, and of course his titties
 -Sissy must have cock in his pussy when orgasms
 -Sissy must always lick up his cum when done
 -Princess decides when sissy gets to cum, he must wait until princess is in the mood

Make sure to Email Me your blog link after creation.            
Must be updated weekly.   

Members of each level, must post weekly in their specified area of the forum: